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Faramarz Aslani
Albums: 7
Songs: 57
Age Ye Rooz Be Yade Hafez Roozhaye Taraneh va Andooh Rumi : The Beloved Is Here Khatte Sevvom Nimeshab Ta Baamdad Singles
Albums: 1
Songs: 10
Albums: 1
Songs: 1
Adam Kooki
Albums: 1
Songs: 10
Zendegi Zibast
Farshad Farsian
Albums: 0
Songs: 0
Farshad Jamali
Albums: 1
Songs: 8
Majnoune An Leili Kojast
Farzad Farzin
Albums: 10
Songs: 92
Sharareh Tahdid Shock Shans Shelik Taghib Shakhsi 6 Shanzelize Singles
Farzad Fattahi
Albums: 1
Songs: 1
Fereydoun Asraei
Albums: 4
Songs: 27
Lost Memories Az To Dooram The Love Is Singles

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