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Genre Pop Rock
City Toronto
Country Canada
WEB 1507band.chizomiz.com
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Kambiz, Nima and Kamyar worked hard during the winter and spring of 2013. They picked some melodies, harmonies and lyrics from Kambiz Mirzaei's handwritten notes and arranged them into a unique new sound that shaped 1507.

While on the lookout for a singer, Nima, band's creative lead guitarist, took over the task and started developing a vocal style that was compatible with the band's vibe and finally 1507 went live on Sep 28, 2013.

Lahzehaa's recording started in November 2013 in Kambiz's home studio, mastered in March 2014 right after Faraz, band's new bass player, joined 1507. Lahzehaa distributed as a single on July 3, 2014. Suite number 1507 in a condominium in North York, Canada is where it all started......

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